Friday, 12 March 2010


Last weekend 'The Hurt Locker' became the 82nd winner of the most desired award in the film industry: the Academy Award for Best Picture.
Throughout the history of the awards the winner of this coveted award has caused much debate, and everyone has an opinion on the winners: from the grand epic ‘Ben-Hur’, to the low budget ‘No Country for Old Men’, from the musical ‘West Side Story’ to the silent ‘Wings’ and from the comedic ‘It Happened One Night’ to the most serious ‘Schindler’s List’.
In this blog I will attempt to rank the 82 winners in reverse order, from the film that I thought should never have won, to what is, in my opinion, the greatest film ever made. Film, like all art forms is subjective, and the opinions expressed here are my own and I am always willing to hear the opinions of others and hope that if I make any factual errors I will be corrected. Some of my views will be widely followed, and there will be some that many people disagree with, but I hope that you enjoy reading what I have to say and join in the debate.
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